Getting Your Car Towed

Murphy’s law says whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Well when your running late to pick up your kids and your SUV’s dashboard gauges start going haywire and you feel that sudden loss of power, there you go Murphy’s law in full effect. So now what do you do? Well I know what I would do, I’d pull out my handy dandy triple A card and give them a call. They are pretty darn good at sending out a tow truck fast. As a matter of fact they boast that they will have a tow company send a truck within 30 minutes and you know what, from all my previous experience it’s 100% true. Almost all of the tow truck drivers has been pretty dang good as well, heck one time they didn’t even send any tow trucks they send a little dinky Toyota Prius. What? A you kidding me I said to myself. In that case I was stuck at Vons with a dead battery on my 2006 Dodge full size pick up. Are you gonna jump my truck with that little electric car, I asked the roadside guy. No, he said, “I’ve got this”, holding up a little blue box about the size of a box of cereal with jumper cables coming out of it. Now you really have got to be kidding me I said. He was dead serious as he asked me to pop my hood.

Hesitantly I open up my hook as he scoped out the engine compartment and found the battery terminals. He then hooked up his little box and told me to crank the ignition, “here we go I said” expecting NOTHING. Would you believe it the truck started right up, not only did it start right up but it cranked strong as if it had a brand new battery. I was amazed and asked him where he got that jumper box at. As of now you can tell that I am very please with the towing service that AAA offers, I just think that they are great.

I always keep my eyes open for great service where ever I go, I can appreciate honest people and business owners. One of my favorite locally owned business’s is The San Diego Towing Network. Now these guys are something else, in a good way! They provide towing and road service to all of San Diego and have reasonable rates. They provide the best towing San Diego has to offer, the best towing Chula Vista has to offer, and the best auto locksmith San Diego can provide. These guys are on my top ten list of best local businesses in San Diego period.

Check out this Google Hangout Video about getting towing services in Chula Vista, CA.

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Get Your Vehicle Repaired

Getting in a car accident usually tops the list as one of the worst things that can happen to your day day but hey what does the famous bumper sticker say sh** happens. OK so you got in a car accident, that’ s we pay for insurance right, because stuff happens. But what about when you take your car in to get repaired to the lay person this can be a daunting task because who knows if the auto body shop that you are going to is going to make the proper repairs to your vehicle? What about if the airbags are deployed, those things can be deadly if they are not in proper working order. But lets just stick to the basics you want a body shop that is going to get the job done right.


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Best Place To Get CPR Certified In The Bay Area

CPR ClassThere may be a number of reasons that you want or need to get CPR certification:

  • Job Requirement
  • Caretaker
  • Parent
  • First Responder
  • Or you just want to be able to help in a time of neeed

One of the first thing to be considered is the type of training and certificate that you will need. There are two widely recognized training courses and certifications:

  1. The American Red Cross
  2. The American Heart Association (AHA)

Both certifications are well put together and will prepare a student to aid in the life saving procedure of CPR. Either CPR course will give a person what they need to know but if they need classes for a job requirement then it is very important to choose the right class. Our highlighted business of this post is Region 4 Rescue, whom provide safety First Aid Certification to the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Their headquarters is based out of Carmichael California just outside of The City of Sacramento.

There are several real advantages of taking AHA CPR classes Sacramento at Region 4 Rescue:

  1. Taught by Ex-Firefighter Brian Carroll
  2. Certified to train both Red Cross and AHA CPR Courses
  3. On Site and Custom Training Available
  4. Honest and Transparent Pricing

It’s highly recommended that you wear comfortable clothes when on the day that you attend safety training because first aid and CPR are not spectator sports nor are they something that can be learned solely through classroom and book work. You must practice hands on training so that you will be readily prepared if and when you are called upon to save someones life. Therefore, wear sweat pants and a comfortable t shirt or any type of work out gear. Be prepared to learn, even if you are only attending class because of a work requirement. You never know when your training and skills might be called into action to help save a loved one.. a niece or nephew perhaps.

If you are in the Sacramento area you know quite well what a beautiful city it is. You’ve got the Sacramento library which is an awesome and very interesting library system. The job situation in Sacramento is not it’s greatest but is slowly recovering and getting better but only time will tell. The airport and hotels are all within reasonable distances and price ranges vary widely.



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